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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 21, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PST

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tonight on "nightline." end of the dynasty, what happens when redneck reality gets too real for tv? newly discovered video reveals more on what bill robertson really says. >> gross sexual immorality. >> is this hate speech or freedom of speech? >> high fashion rebellion. too skinny? too much skin. a model wins, fame, fortune and a victoria's secret model search and walks away from the runway. tonight her crusade to cover up. and, celebrity greetings? the good, the bad and the naughty. 'tis the season for the stars to pull out all the stops.
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♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday. from new york city, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden. good evening. thanks for joining us. "duck dynasty" is the most watched cable reality show of all time. but could the end be near after the redneck family patriarch speaks his mind. he was suspended by a & e for his comments in "gq" magazine seen as both anti-gay and racist. now, phil robertson supporters are fighting back saying he has a right to express his beliefs. and there is new controversy tonight. this time, on videotape. here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: they have been the goose that laid the a & e golden
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egg, the quirky and hairy american family millions watch, for love or for laughs. >> are you sure you know what you are doing? >> now that is how you carve a pumpkin. >> reporter: tonight they're at the white hot center of a scorching national argument that threatens to bring down "duck dynasty." tonight dousing new fuel on the fire, this video of the patriarch phil robertson apparently railing against gays in his speech from 2010. >> boy is there some immorality going on around here, gross sexual immorality. >> a fire and brimstone sermon delivered a year before robertson's family of duck hunters, presided over the most watched unscripted cable show. in history. >> women with women, men with men, they have committed indecent acts with one another. >> reporter: this is just the latest twist in a controversy crammed week that began with the reality king robertson telling
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"gq" magazine, "start with homosexual behavior, just morph out from there. bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman." he didn't stop there, adding race to the mix. robertson said the african-americans he knew in the jim crow south were happy. "i never with my eyes saw the mistreatment of any black person, pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say were they happy? they were godly. they were happy. no one was singing the blues." it may come as little surprise that a self proclaimed religious redneck like robertson may have some strong opinions. reaction has been fiery. the naacp and gay rights organization calling robertson's remarks dangerous and revisionist. >> when i hear someone compare my relationship of ten years to bestiality, they're essentially calling my partner a dog, they're essentially saying that, you are less than human. >> reporter: a&e, which airs the
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wildly popular "duck dynasty," suspended robertson. that has only fueled the tsunami of support for the bearded patriar patriarch. his supporters refusing to duck and cover. a field goal page calling for robertson to return and for a&e to be boycotted has more than 1.5 million likes. online millions are putting their names on various petitions. we counted at least 13 separate petitions supporting robertson on alone. and politicians have also come to robertson's defense. sarah palin seen here with the "duck dynasty" cast accused liberals of applying the first amendment selectively. the governor of robertson's home state making his own pro-duck call. >> the left is tolerant of every viewpoint except those that disagree with them. >> the robertson family is the latest in a long line of people, individuals, families, that have been bullied by the cultural allegiance -- swirling around a
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reality show based in west monroe, louisiana. but "duck dynasty" is no ordinary fare. and they've been seen everywhere lately from the country music awards to the white house correspondents dinner. about to begin its fifth season, "duck" is truly a dynasty. it made the robertson's bearded mugs worth $100 million in merchandising alone. >> it is a & e's biggest hit, for sure. and it's the most-watched reality show of all-time. it's also spawned this whole multimillion dollar retail empire. "forbes" estimates this year, $400 million of duck dynasty merchandise will be sold, $200 million will come from walmart alone. >> reporter: something they talked to barbara walters about when she chose them as one of the most fascinating people of the year this week. >> one of the reasons people love you, you are done to earth, not materialistic, but now you have all this money. >> what i said when we started
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this out, if it is changes us, any of the family, in a bad way, i hope we lose it all. >> look, we are not stupid. okay? we've been poor. okay? we've been rich. rich is better. >> reporter: at its heart, the show is about family. >> you need to be redneckified. >> reporter: i hung out with them for a day this year and they preached their gospel of all things they considered good. guns, fried frog legs, family and god. >> amen. >> reporter: in fact, their shop is a shrine to many fans. >> say cheese. >> reporter: the family never hidden its religious views. they pray at the end of every show. and phil robertson is openly an evangelical christian, never made a secret of his belief that homosexuality is a sin. >> naked as jaybirds. >> reporter: supporters say robertson has the right to speak out and should be allowed to be overtly religious on tv.
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>> there are those underlying values that people identify with. they like to see families getting along. sitting around a table. talking together. interacting. it's what used to be commonplace in this country years ago. i think people obviously they're supporting that by what they're watching. >> reporter: for many, he's simply gone too far. >> the issue at hand here is lgbt rights and the role of religion in our culture. that's the debate. not whether a & e fired somebody or not. get back to the real issues at hand. and not some nonsense about how a company is infringing on the first amendment. >> reporter: and in the "gq" article first appeared, a cascade of recrimination ricocheted, one possible casualty, a&e's crown jewel, the "duck dynasty" show itself. in a statement last night the family appeared to threaten to walk away. as a family we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. we are in discussions with a & e to see what that means for the future of "duck dynasty."
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thank you for your continued support of our family. >> not one dull moment, i tell you that. >> reporter: so could this really be the end of the dynasty? >> i this is a huge pr mistake on a & e's behalf. obviously this whole time they must have known what they had on their hands. this is not the first time phil robertson has made homophobic remarks. >> reporter: tonight, no further comment from a&e or from the robertson family. the rep told us, if they do speak, they'll speak as a family. for "nightline," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> abc is a part owner of the a & e networks. so, what do you think? is phil robertson exercising freedom of speech? or hate speech? let us know. tweet us @nightline." next, from a sexy spread to all covered up. why this model is going modest.
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'tis the season for holiday parties. we all want to look great for the photos, right? tonight the winner of a victoria's secret model search is going to show us how. but it is not what you might think. looking good, of course, but less sexy and more covered up. that's her advice. this former model on a motion to change what we wear. so, how did she become an unlikely crusader for covering up? here's abc's correspondent. >> reporter: the victoria's secret runway, the fame, the fortune. and she was the it girl at the
12:52 am
top of her game, beating out 10,000 women to win the victoria's secret model search competition. >> the winner of the victoria's secret model search is kylie. >> reporter: in a stunning twist, kylie decided overnight to ditch the run way for jesus. >> i watch the tape of you winning you are screaming, so excited. so when did that change? >> you know, being sent out after that on different photo shoots. having my pictures end up on pornographic sites. and when i brought tight my modeling agency they said basically all the victoria's models have pictures on pornographic web sites what did you expect. >> was it your faith that made you finally say i'm walking away. >> yeah, god definitely convicted my heart about it. >> victor yeah's secret fame brought her big time jobs like this, racy spread for fhm
12:53 am
magazine. kylie is part of models, ditching the spotlight for christ. and cashing in with a book. a christian clothing line and nationwide speaking tours. >> in our so tie, sex sells. >> kylie's tell-all memoir, i'm no angel. dishing on the dark sides, photo shoots to eating disorders. >> i know a girl that had thrown up so much. it was an automatic thing. drinking lemonade. she would throw it up. >> when her book released, victoria's secret pushed back saying she xaj rated her relation shm with them. it seems kylie has used her past as a launch pad for a burgeoning business. >> the fact that we are talking about what it that's you were doing as a victoria's secret model is bringing attention to what you say you didn't want to
12:54 am
bring attention to? isn't there a hypocrisy in that? >> the images? >> we'll show your images on "nightline." >> yeah, that's something that it its hard for me. that i have to deal with now. >> you weren't a top, top model. so, are you just -- bashing then dus tr -- the industry because you didn't make it. >> i am not really here to bash the industry. just here to tell what happened to me from the eating disorders, my agency calling me a fat cow when i was 118 pounds. >> they called you that? >> 118 pounds and 5'10." wonder what they would say about me. kylie's former agency says at no time has any model been called a fat cow. and they had no knowledge of any of her photos being used on porn sites. at the church book signing, they can't get u.n. many are young
12:55 am
girls dealing with insecurity. >> reporter: you are clearly a beautiful young woman. wearing makeup, your hair is done you. have high heels, skinny pants on. how do you reconcile that with the message you are teaching? >> well, i still believe in taking care of yourself. and, dressing nice. you don't have to wear a burlap sack or anything. >> you can be sexy and be evangelical christian. >> i only want to be sexy nor my husband. now, you know when we are alone. and so, i don't want to go out in public and be that way for other men to see me. >> reporter: like kylie, nicole, struggled to mix glamour with her faith. she too left the industry to become a consultant. >> i just wanted to be famous. it would make me happy. >> at 5'10", she was told her curves pose aid problem. >> my agent said my hips were too wide. just the way i was built i could never do that.
12:56 am
i was embarrassed. i left the agency crying. >> nicole's former agent toemd us she doesn't make statements like that to models. four years later, nicole shunned her provocative past. to day her faith its front and center. spending her days offering advice on everything from clothes to relationships. sunny gives a couple of tweens a modesty makeover. >> you could put a cute little cardigan over it. it is covered up. i love polka dots. anything is so cute. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> modest is hospitalest. >> modest is hottest. >> of then i thought back to your pictures that i saw before i came here. >> it sort of lead to a crisis of who've i was. here hype was, showing it auz all and i felt ashamed. >> when she is not a personal shopper, she runs ate website. project inspired. christian fans can find her message. >> another way you can give your
12:57 am
jouft fit a fashionable look without showing a lot of skin. >> this is one of nicole's monthly god talk, reading scripture to young girls over video chat. >> jesus tells us to examine our motive and our own conduct. in stead of judging others. >> i am more full filled now that i have god in my life, than type thought i could be measu measuring what the agents wanted me to do. >> back in idaho, kylie is working on descenes for her clothing line, got inspired fashion. every design meeting starts with a prayer. >> we just pray, that we will change lives and soften hearts in god and jeep sus's name. >> i think we are going to open it up. the last couple weeks. >> we ftry to stick with bible verses, rather than sayings or
12:58 am
slogans. so the bible versuses say ipt love my husband. i love my wife. >> why would you want these biblical verses all over your clothes? >> a way for me to share my faith. or share what i believe with other people. >> reporter: her psalm 23 scarf sold out in one day. >> keep producing more. everyone loves the scarf. >> at first glance, some of kylie's clothes seem appropriate for a night out. >> girl, woman? >> it's one of her nicer tops torturech or school. some would say this is not the most modest shirt out there. >> sure they would. rancheros in time for christmas, both women are catering to young viewers, she expanded to teach girls how to look marvelous and beep modest for the holidays. >> why goal with the christmas program tell girls you can care about fashion, but do it modest
12:59 am
way. modest is hottest. >> while kylie its ever popular it now comes in christmas col s colors. for "nightline," cecelia vega, california. >> whether sincere like kobe bryant or spoofing look ellen -- we have the cards of the famous and infamous. next! [ male announcer ] when you feel good, no one is immune. emergen-c has more vitamin c than 10 oranges plus other antioxidants and electrolytes to help you come down with a serious case of healthy. emergen-c. making healthy contagious.
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celebrities finding unusual ways to say seasons greetings on tonight's "feed frenzy." >> they say truth is stranger than fiction and celebrity holiday cards prove it. we know from "keeping up with the kardashians" nobody does anything quite like them and that include their christmas card. as seen on a recent episode.
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the elaborate high-fashion casino themed affair cost a whopping $250,000. reportedly the vision of kim's fiance kanye west. meanwhile, ellen and portia were inspired. >> it was inspired by kim and kanye's music video if you saw it. this is our holiday card this year. >> yes, their take on his instantly infamous bound two music video. >> while those folks went over the top, miley cyrus showed us what's under her top. in support of her campaign to end censorship. known breast enthusiast, hugh showed his love with crystal and his dog. and shared his card with six kids. none of their mothers made the cut. kobe and vanessa bryanten


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